Sunday, July 20, 2008

7 WEEKS OLD 20/7/2008 - Its ME AGAIN

Yip can you believe it, little Liam 7 weeks old already, I am sure and have told Leon & Elizma, where do they go - To trade him in for a bigger one every day. The answer I get is " Love and mothers milk" Here is a peak as to how he has grown from day 1 to day 49, special day because Oupa Billy was born in '49. so that makes us birthday pals. Sounds good to me anyway- Think what you like. Ouma Ria just can not stop looking at the Video on Leon & Elizma's Blog (click here) of him smiling from ear to ear.

LIAM - 7 weeks old TODAY- 20th JULY 2008


Elizma said...

Very nice Oupa!

Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

Bb & Ria It does not matter how many photos and videos you take they are never enough. Keep shooting = luv Great Aunty Tessy
ps: Ria give him a special HUG from me.