Friday, August 22, 2008

We have moved in

Yip we got the keys and moved in. Starting Saturday morning 9am, Leon and I picked up a hired van and the party started.
Ria and Tania were loading the little boxes in the cars, while Leon and I did the big stuff ( two young strong lads)
While we were all busy between the two houses, Elizma was cooking up the "PAD-KOS" someone had to do the dirty work, Liam was to occupied to help us as he was watching mom make the lunch.

So after a week of moving, re-arranging and re-arranging we are all settled, and today 1 week on I started on the garden. The previous owners were elderly and they had the whole place paved with concrete blocks 400 x 400 bedded in brick motar, so I have quite a task ahead of me.

Ria has gone about the decorating, picture hanging and getting the heart of the house organised and stocked - her kitchen.
One of our new neighbors knocked on the door Wednesday night and gave us a welcome card and a nice cold bottle of welcome wine.

What a nice surprise

The sellers Tom & Judy on behalf of their Mom ( who passed away 1 year ago) sent us this card in the post.......

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