Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Hole in the Wall & a Scottish Braai

It all started with
and while you are here, can we fix the
Not really, we were all going away for a weeks holiday, Andy and Tania invited us over to their house in Andover. It is halfway between our house and the holiday resort. We would have a braai on the Sunday afternoon and leave for the holiday on the Monday about and hours drive from Andover. Some time ago Andy made a hole behind his wall mounted TV to install wires for his surround sound system. Now, when he takes the Tv down there is this big hole in the hollow plasterboard walling. Well together we fixed it before the braai, Funny thing is, it was the hottest day of 2010 in England, and we mixed the plaster outside in a bucket and by the time we took it inside it was hard already. We had three attempts before we got the timing and the heat right.
OF course Yes, we had to taste the braai cooked on his new WEBBER
The King of the Barbeque shows off his skills, while the judge looks on with beady eyes.
I must say he passed the test with flying colours

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andy said...

what a start to an amazing week the wall looks great thanks bill