Sunday, September 05, 2010

Liam goes camping in The New Forest - July 2010

Leon, Elizma & Liam, braved the oncoming winter and went camping in The New Forest.
It is a National Park in the South West of England about 2hours from home.
OuBill and OumaRia decided to visit them for a braai and a walk around one of the local Villages - Liamington. What an awesome day-out it was for us and we left much later than planned for the drive home. If only they had a bigger tent.
It reminded us so much of when Leon and Tania were small, when we camped, to see Liam running around freely with not a care in the world
JULY 2010

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Elizma said...

What a cool video! One of your best I think - I had a smile on my face all through watching it. Thanks Dad!