Monday, October 18, 2010

We are off to MURRAYFIELD the home of Scottish Rugby

Yip it is all confirmed, booked & paid for. We are off to watch the Sprinkboks play Scotland at Murrayfield.
The travelling party consists of ( in no particular order ) BILLY, LEON, ANDY & TANIA, Andy's dad JOHN and Andy's brother DUNCAN.
We drive up to Edinburgh on Friday, book into the hotel, SATURDAY have a full ENGLISH breakfast ( in Scotland), do some sight seeing and off to the game at Murrayfield, kick-off at 14h30. Weather conditions expected to be "Bloody Freezing",Back to the hotel after celebrating a S/bokke win and painting the city red and drive home on sunday.
So we have been to Twickenham last year, now it's Murrayfield and then it will be Cardiff in Wales next.

Watch this space for photo's and video's of the week-ends adventure for sure
 20th NOVEMBER 2010 - SCOTLAND - here we come - Boots & All ( as Naas would say)
Hier kom die BOKKE.



Very interesting. May the best team win ! I am sure Andy is being shown just how passionate you (Billy) and Tania are about your Rugby.

Mitch Bechard said...

well done Billy ,good song.
Enjoy the people, the moment, and a good old Haig, or 2.
Damned u guys,I'm not there.