Sunday, February 10, 2008

Application for Italy Visa's

Tania and Ria had to go to London, to the Italian Consulate to apply and get a Visa for our pending holiday in May. Me being British, I do not need any visa's for Europe travels, While they were in London, I took 3 hours off work, we met up and did some sight seeing, me always on the wrong side of the camera, never mind, we walked over Tower Bridge and paid a visit to the London Dungeons, Then I went back to work, Tania & Ria then went onto Camden Town, just to look around and do some shopping.
Ria enjoyed the day out, with catching busses, overland trains and of course the tube trains. I picked the Visa's up the next week, Now tania and Ria can go to Europe for 6 months with no hassels, they expire 2nd November 2008. Click here for more pics.

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