Sunday, February 24, 2008

Billy @ work in London

This is an insight in what I do with myself while at work. Maintaining a 21 storey building in the West-End of London is no joke. With 20 floors of Top dollar paying clients who can brag with Offices in the West End, I can brag that I keep them happy and comfortable. The central heating is not like conventional Air-Cons, but done with boilers and hot air ducts and the cooling is done with Chillers and chilled water at 4deg pumped all over the building. I get off the tube at Oxford Circus, walk 1 block and am at work. In the morning I am the only person on the street, but at 4-15pm that has changed drastically and there is hardly space for me on the pavement and you almost have to fight your way through the crowds, literally millions of them. As for work it is great and going well, I move work places at the end of Feb down to Totenham Court Road to a Congress/convention Center which I take over and run, this in its self will be a new challenge, as the building has been badly negleted when it comes to maintenance, so I will be in my element getting it back into ship shape condition. Here are some pics to browse through


Johan Steyn said...

Hi Bill, thank you for sharing this with your Blog-o-friends. Its interesting to see what you do and you are obviously gifted to do it (in contrast to me who find changing a lightbulp a technical challenge…)

Cooper said...

Well Bill, that certainly keeps you out of mischief! At least when it cold you can be close to the boilers!