Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ria and Billy in "Wonderland"

No it is not CHRISTMAS but Sunday - 6th April 2008, woke up this morning and thought it was . What a beautiful sight to wake up to, amazing and the whole place looks like a FAIRY TALE STORY. There's Billy building a snowman and Ria walking about in the fairy-land right outside our front door. We wish you were all here with us, can you imagine the snow-ball fight we could have had - an amazing thought and wishful thinking - BUT VERY SINCERE, lots of love - Ria & Billy.................. click on the little > to play the video


Elizma said...

Very nice Peanut!

BILL said...

Lovely Pa says Ma

Carol Whitaker said...

Winter Wonderland for sure! Awesome to watch the video and you and Ria 'playing' in the snow. Building memories today for have built a lot of memories for us all Billy. I love visiting the Blog at least once a week to see what's new with family and friends. To my friends that have this Blog site from me, please leave your comments for all to see. Go on...make my day!

Billy you just made mine! WOW the big news next is the arrival of the first Cowle grandchild!!

Tania said...

Dis nou Oulik!!!! Ek sien ek gaan eendag nog laaaaang trane huil oor daai video! Keep them coming! (Die videos......nie die trane nie..... wink wink)