Monday, April 21, 2008


Yippie party time, and guese who gets all the presents, hey this can only get better! Tania, that's my Aunt, hey one of many, but today she was special for me. She organised a few of my Mom's closest friends around for a Stork Party, just another excuse for the ladies to break-away on OFFICIAL BUSINESS, forget the DIET and without all the Dads around.
Wow, WE, that's Mom and Me got some lovely gifts and there were some very SPECIAL messages from Loved-ones, family and friends very close to MOM'S HEART and she missed them very much today,
I could tell deep down from within herself- Thanks for all those lovely thoughts and prayers from each one of you.
Here are just a few, if I publish every one then the blog would overflow or something like that, anyhow.

But I know Mom put them all away to show me them one day. Hey, just to remind you all, ETA for me is in 5 weeks, so get ready.

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