Sunday, June 01, 2008

LIAM - William Daniel Cowle - its me again!

Let it be known to the world that the registration of the birth of the first born, a son, of Leon and Elizma will be taking place. The witnesses to this historic occasion will be the proud Grand-Parents - Billy & Ria. Now, if my calculations are correct and the XL spread sheet of the whole families birthdays are correct, with some minor mathematics and we add up all the living family members, from Molly through to Kevin with all their partners, kids and grand kids - LIAM is NUMBER 50.

LIAM made his appearance at around 02h10 on the 1st of June 2008
Leon-Elizma-and the bundle of joy-Liam
MaRia and PaBilly are so proud of you


BILL said...

Congrats to all. Look forward to more pics - keep them coming.

The Cowle dynasty lives on. Well done.

Love Tricia

BILL said...

Congratulations and Jubilations….to the proud parents – I can just see the smiles on your faces! To Ouma and Oupa – you have just entered another world…it’s called happy snappy, no not nappy!! You take your camera whenever you go to see Elizama, Leon and William. You also make sure you always have spare batteries for that one shot in a million.

Congrats Elizma and Leon on the birth of your son…William Daniel Cowle, a first Cowle grandy and the name Cowle continues. May he carry the names William and Daniel with much pride, just like his forefathers. Xxx ..... Carol

BILL said...

Dear Ouma and Oupa, welcome to the wonderful world of grand children!!!!! So many wonderful moments for you to share in the future, so different to your own children - a special special bond. Tori and I are so close and share so many things, so you have so much to look forward to.
Please pass on my congratulations and love to the proud parents. Hope Elizma has recovered and that Leon has come down to earth.
Much love and thoughts

BILL said...

Hullou julle 2,
Baie dankie, ons kan uit ons nate bars. Baie geluk ook aan julle met die eerste kleinseun.
Ons gaan 3 uur hospitaal toe want hulle gaan die 2tjies oornag daar hou om Liam ( wat 'n mooi naam! ) vir veiligheid te monitor en dan more toetse te doen. Kannie waggie!
Ek sien ons gaan nog lekker stry vanaf die 13de!
Mooi dag
Bill en Ria

Ons wil julle net ook gelukwens met die nuwe kleinkind, William Daniel Cowle. Mag hy vir julle ook net vreugde bring daar in die buiteland.

Ons is baie bly dat dit goed gaan met Elizma en die kleintjie en julle moet maar solank vir hulle en vir Leon baie geluk sĂȘ en geniet hom.

Dis nou net tot ons die 13de daar land, dan sal julle nie meer 'n kans kry nie.

Danie en Lizette

BILL said...

Dear Uncle Billy,

What wonderful news. Please pass on my congrats to Leon and Elizma on the birth of their little boy, William Daniel Cowle. Also congrats to you, Aunty Ria, and "Aunty" Tanya as well.

Little William has lots to look forward to... such as all the card tricks and magic you showed us little Whitakers when you came to visit on the farm.... not to mention all the smarties coming his way.

Will check out the blog soon for more news and photo's.

Lots of hugs and love,

Debbie, Tammy & Kay

BILL said...

WOW, what wonderful news. Congratulations to all. God Bless, Monica

Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

Love and Gods Blessings to Ma, Pa, Oumas, and Oupas may you all share in this miracle of birth of William Daniel Cowle - LIAM - and the guidance you may bestow on him for the growing years ahead. CONGRATS
Tessy and all Down Under

Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

Yes Bb 50 should be about correct adding a few and taking a few off see my e-mail sent today