Monday, June 16, 2008


To win them all is no secret, but just in-case any of you have forgotten how, here is a quick reminder. All you need to do, is to look at your kids and then you can say with PRIDE - "I HAVE WON THEM ALL" When we look and see what our kids have achieved and what joy they bring back to us, for all our moans and groans when they were growing up and the time we had to use TUV-LOVE.

Today I realized once again how proud it is to be a DAD. Not withstanding the fact that we now have little Liam in our midst but we also have a New FATHER who celebrated his first fathers day today with Elizma in the background for the day
Then there is Madampie - alias Tania, who helped me celebrate a fantastic Fathers day. This card had a wonderful message of devoted and endless love and to end it all, also had a written present that was in the inner side of the states ------ Join me for an overnight road trip on Saturday 26th July 2008. Pack comfortable clothes. We leave your house at 7am sharp. Its a FATHER-DAUGHTER BONDING SESSION.

After I opened and read the card, she gave me a few guesses what its all about _ I was miles and miles away, down some LONG AND WINDING ROAD from the event, she then let the cat out the bag. We are driving upto to LIVERPOOL, staying in a hotel and going on the Life of THE BEATLES TOUR. well with all the songs that come to mind I must mention a few... Cant buy me love and Love me do, so please please me. YEAH YEAH YEAH -- GET BACK TO WHERE YOU BELONG and I wanna hold your HAND. etc etc etc.

Ria must stay behind at home and baby-sit Tania's doggy for the week-end, so she is making a major impact on the success of the TOUR and adding VALUE to the BONDING of "OU GROOTE & MADAMPIE"

Now if that wasn't enough, I got the card from Leon & Elizma with a loving memorable little message from both of them and a ...YES! A PACKET OF SMASHING BILTONG.

That made the OUTOPPIE'S DAY and once again made my shoulders that little much broader to be able to say, That's my 3 kids we are talking about + Liam + Ria.

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Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

Bb Billy I know just how much love, pride, joy and priceless memories you feel for your children and especially for their Mom, Your wife - Ria. I think it goes without saying that we all feel our little family is the best. Being the best is not what is important it's LOVE and Cherishing every moment we can of our time spent in being with our loved ones. I know I do. Love and gods blessings on one and all - Tessy