Sunday, September 14, 2008

Billy in the garden after a long hard week-end

Now that was, as they say A Task & A Half, lifting all the 450 x 450 concrete slabs, lifting the base concrete, and wheel-barrowing it away. Then I cut the shape of the front path with an angle grinder with dust everywhere. Levelled off the ground and put in 30 x 25l bags of topsoil, planted the lawn seed and gave it water & fertilizer.
Tania arrived for a vist, she light the barbecue fire and cooked the meat. All washed up, we sat down to a good glass of wine, cracker of a braai with salads and finished of with home made waffles-syrup and cream. All in between watching the Monza F1 GP. Ria is glad the week-end has come and gone, as I was just full of mud and dust and kept on calling for coffee and coke to drink, she had no peace all day long.
It was an amazing week-end of fantastic weather-lots of sun shine and even caught a bit of a tan.

Just happened this way while I was in the garden, two planes flew bye in the sky ( now here else would they fly bye??). Here in the UK with the cold air at high altitude, all the planes leave a white tail trail and these two made a cross in the heavens and sentimental me had to take a photo and say
Now that cross is a symbol of the 8cowles family love for one another.


Willem Stapelberg said...

Jissie oom Bill, die tuin lyk baie nice. Ok maar harde werk gewees lyk dit vir my! Ek hou van die voetpaadjie wat oom gelos het na die voordeur toe. Dit lyk regtig goed.

Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

It's wonderful to be joined together across the world be it in thought, love, prayer or just a special sign
Thanks Bb for sharing this one with us all.