Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ria takes a shower

England has a strange water supply system, but Leon spent some time with me to explain it. The street water mains do not have a lot of pressure in them, due to the fact that the infrastructure was installed hundreds of years ago, so each house has a water tank in the ceiling, and this fills up just like a cistern of your toilet, when you use water the ball valve opens and fills the tank again. So you have no real pressure only a gravity feed from your tank in the ceiling. There are modern ways of improving this system at a great cost, so we will leave this one to another date. But what I did was install an approved dual hot/cold water pressure pump after the tank. not allowed on the mains supply before the tank. The result is Fantastic pressure in the shower and water flows much better and faster at the taps aswell installation complete and the pump is in.
so now the pressure is 2 Bar throughout the house , up from a 1/2 bar.


Pity Ria had the curtains closed when she was showering or you could have seen the water flow pressure.


Elizma said...

Sjoe! Pa is darem net briljant met sulke goed. As always very impressed... Elizma

Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

aagg Ria you spoil all Billy's fun. He keeps telling us you r definately like a good bottle of Red, improve and become more beautiful with age.