Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snowing 28th Oct @ 22h30

Yip, just had an Eskimo Pie ice cream and went outside at 22H30 - its snowing, I skype Leon and tell him, suspiciously he replies REALLY!, he looks outside and skypes me back "WOW" he says, its all white outside. Well the last time it snowed here was 6th April 2008, at the end of last winter, now it snows at the beginning of winter, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr its going to be a cold one.
who knows - A WHITE CHRISTMAS ??????????

When we woke up this morning everything was " as white as snow" but freezing cold, then at around 11am after the clear skies and sun shinning, i wondered outside to video the wonderful Autumn garden with the left-over snow on the plants, was a beautiful site to see in the bright sunshine.
The BBC has a website where you can send in a news item, they check it out and if ok and good they use it. Well my video above was on the 8 O'clock BBC World news, so that makes me a famous celebrity and YOU KNOW ME, isn't that great.


Carol said...

Ok, so it snowed on the 28th of November 2008. You saw the snow and stood in it. Ria was probably doing the video of it to put on the Blog. Unbelievable as you said, I have to believe it because I watched the video clip on the BLOG. Then we hear not only on the Blog but on THE WORLD NEWS!! WOW Billy is now a VIP and you darn right we know him. I have one question to ask...Does this mean we have to call you Sir from now on? hahahahahahahaha - Jokes aside the video was awesome, thanks for sharing your lives with us...Carol

Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

Beautiful. Liam may get his first white christmas. Throwing snow balls at Oupa, and building his first Snow Man.