Thursday, October 23, 2008


A Holiday in the Countryside of Northern France, near a small village called Willencourt.

Up at 4am 11th October 2008 and travelled from Woking to Dover, just under 2 hours to catch the ferry over to Calais in France. Tania was joining us just for the week-end and Leon-Elizma & Liam joined us from Saturday -Tuesday. We all met at Dover in the car park, Tania parked her car and went on the ferry by foot, Leon & I drove our cars on. Wow, what a size of a ferry, then the amazing view of the White cliffs as we pulled out of the docks into the English Channel, ( a better view of the cliffs is on our way back).

Bonjour - Bonsoir - Merci (beaucoup)

Ferry from Dover to Calais - France
Then arriving at Calais, the fun/holiday gets off to a big bang, Driving on the wrong side of the road. I must say, this time I was in our own car and the only thing to adapt to was the wrong side of the road, last time we were in Italy and we hired a car. Everything is on the wrong side, the steering wheel, the rear view mirror, the gear lever, the hand break, the indicator switch and even the wife was on the wrong side. This time I was much more comfortable and relaxed and adapted very quickly. Off we went, first stop a Supermarket to get some supplies and then onto the motorway and small country roads to the cottage - about an hour and a half away. Arriving there we were greeted by this quaint little wooden cottage. A nice bowl of fresh flowers on the table and a cold bottle of French wine in the fridge (yummy).

We arrive at the cottage in the French Countryside, pack out the baggage and get off to a cracking start with a Braai .( barbeque) . We sit around with a good bottle of wine, a wide variety of cheese & biscuits and talk the evening away. The next day (Sunday 12th Oct) we are off to ARRAS a town about an hour away, Mr White ( the village caretaker, what a nice guy) told us about an Annual market that takes place and it is worth a visit, they close the town square down for this. We arrive but NO MARKET - wrong date, we walk around and then find a smashing sea-food restaurant for lunch - MUSSELS and SNAILS a speciality. We all tuck in and enjoy it immensely, then sadly Tania must bid her farewells and I take her back to Calais to catch the ferry as she must work on Monday morning. "Au revoir" Tania and Bon Voyage.
Then Monday off we went to a sea-side holiday resort " Le Touquet" a very picturesque town with plenty of pretty boutiques, not to mention the 1000's of restaurants and cafe's. the most important being " CREPES " yip Ria had a field day with this. Although the weather was not on our side we all enjoyed the outing. A high-lite of the trip was OUPA playing with Liam on the back seat, for the one hour trip. While Mom and Dad upfront were moaning and groaning the he must go to sleep. Oupa & Liam won that round SIX-LOVE.

Walk around Le Touquet and of course eat "Crepes"
in the video there is a picture I got from Carol of a "Rainbow on fire" - amazing

Leon & Elizma left on Tuesday lunchtime and sadly taking Liam with them. Now we were on our own and Billy got down to some serious cooking, the video says it all.


to come

at the cottage

travelling around the French countryside

eating French "Crepes" , "Mussels" and "Escargot snails" mmmmmmmm ,with some more wine

back to Dover on the ferry

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