Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's ME again - Un-Happy Chappy - Blou Bulletjie

Hi to all the Cowles and all my cousins, Ouma came and visited me the other day while Mom and Dad went to town, pity Oupa was working. Ouma and I had stacks of fun and in between I had to entertain her, looks like she enjoyed it, So when Mom and Dad got back, they had to catch me on camera showing how much we had enjoyed ourselves while they were out.

now let me see how this Mobile phone works!

Oh, by the way, don't get confused with my shirt I am wearing, I have no choice at the moment, but there will come a time when I am going to put my foot down and refuse to wear this WP rugby coloured shirt - Oupa says it must be Pure BLUE and no shirt should have white stripes in it never mind blue or even red stripes.

Parents these days have no dress sense, but thank goodness I did not go out today into the public eye, just stayed home with Ouma. Now that was a stroke of luck.

Now lets think about this one, No, I am not happy at all with this, hence the "Bad look" on my face. Oupa will have to sort this out with Mom and Dad as soon as possible. never mind that orange "H" on my blue bib, that's just another error on my folks behalf.


Liam said...

Ouuuupppaaaaaa... What are you on about? Who wears Pure BLUE shirts? And who's WP? There's only one shirt for me. It's red and white with a pretty rose on it.

Silly foreigners!


Great Grandpa says what's wrong with Newcastle United? !!