Sunday, March 01, 2009

Come on Summer

Yip its spring in the air, time to start getting the garden ready for the summer of 2009.
It's amazing how weeds don't need fertilizer or water to grow in abundance and flourish.
We moved in to our house in August 2008, and I had to start the garden as there was not much time left before the winter set in. So it was lifting the slab paving blocks and the base concrete - whoops overdid it and gave myself a hernia.

Well that's all done and dusted now and time to get back to work. The days are getting longer every day and soon we will be setting the clocks back by one hour. So here is a preview of what the garden looked like and where it is today. Can't wait to get back from our outing in Wales to get the seedlings and shrubs planted.

video to be added here

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Wow it seems like yesterday you had a garden of snow and now I'm sure my Bb will have it all beautiful and picturesque for summer