Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am sailing - Tjonkie

Well who would believe it, its me again, but here I am in Sunny South Africa with mom and dad visiting Ouma Zet & Oupa Danie Retief. We are all spending 2 weeks soaking up some sea, sand and sun. We don't get much in the UK. Wow but Margate and the south coast is a great place to be. Mom & Dad bought me this sailing car to have fun in and sail the world. Check me out and watch me sailing.

Pity Ouma and Oupa Cowle are going to Wales for the whole of next week because I wanted to send some more pictures of our holiday, but I suppose it can wait till they get back.

Ouma Ria and Oupa Peanut, Enjoy your trip to Wales and see you when we get back from SA


BILL and RIA said...

Toooooooooo cute, as long as you sail safely back to us!!! Ouma Ria


The best Liam I love the singer.

Leon said...

Only saw this now, OuToppie. Brilliant!!