Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A small task in the garden - Liam's play area

Well with all the stress of the last month behind us and Leon well on the road to recovery, we had to get stuck in and do some garden work. While Leon was relaxing in Hospital, Elizma spent Sunday 26th April with us for a braai and Liam helped me with the garden work. Tania did the braai work and Ria made the salads, and mommy had to feed somebody in between.

The garden project I had started when it was rudely interrupted with a hernia, can now be completed. Build up the steps, do some rock-plaster, lift some slabs and plant the grass seeds, Takes 10days to germinate, so you can hear it grow. We are heading for summer and the spring air is wonderful, all the shrubs are shooting and the colours are amazing. The front garden is really looking good, once the petunia's and the other seedlings planted go into bloom, I am sure you will agree - paradise, all it needs is TLC and sunshine. Come-on Summer.

A Garden project - smashing - a lawn in the back yard for Liam

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What a wonderful garden Bb and Ria