Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer time is braai time 24th May 2009

The sun sets on a day in the garden with Billy-Ria and Tania,
oh yes Murphy ( Tania's little dog) was here as well.
The summer is here and we are having some of the most amazing sunny days and the forecast for the rest of the English summer looks very promising.
Tania popped over for the day and out came the braai, Ria and Tania put some mouth watering dishes together and we had a ball.
Summer time is great - When the sun shines!, and the garden is coming to life with all the colours of the rainbow

Its show time in the garden and my seedlings start flowering

"mmmmmmmmmmmm" Looks good, Chicken, sosaties, wors and fresh asparagus
and they say its a dogs life, NOT
Freshly braaied prawns - now that was mouthwatering "MORE PLEASE"

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Hey, Tania make mine "medium rare" thanks. All the photos look great