Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking Back - 60years and further - 23/9/1949

Well, you all saw the item on the 8cowles blog, about my 60th ( click here to go there). Now that was Awesome, edited & done by Leon. Now this is even more BLOODY AWESOME, just sit back and enjoy yesteryear and where we come from. THE COWLES - STILL BEAUTIFUL.

I was presented with something out of this world, some irreplaceable memories and heritage to live forever in our children and their children. I have sat for hours on end looking at this.

I have shared some of it via emails and whatever with you but not this - a 3 part movie, get a long cold one - sit back and enjoy it with me.

That night on a cold and wet 23 of September 2009 night you were all here with me, looking back over my shoulder, all your phone calls and sms's and texts and emails were just overwhelming and plain


Sharing that night at home was Ria, Tania, Leon, Elizma, Liam and Elizma's folks.
23-09-1949 to 2009 - 60 years
William John - Bill Cowle
Still Beautiful

Part 1 - The beginning.........
Part 2.........My Book of Life

some pictures out of the Family Tree, titles to be added later, plus 3 video


Carol Whitaker said...

In a word...AWESOME! I am enthralled with the photograps in my dropbox, to see Daddy's birth certificate and so on is amazing. I see our grandfather was a brave man during world war 1...having received two medals. The family resemblances are uncanny and the Cowle genes must have been very strong as they have carried through 4 generations, and more obviously. What an incredible gift Leon has not only given you, Billy...BUT all 8 of us and our offspring. Have lots more to say but will say it another time. You were holding centuries of memory builders in your hands before even opening 'the box'! Thank you Leon for doing this for my brother and therefor, in turn, for all of us.
For he's a jolly good fellow...and so say all of us. Once again Happy 60th Bro.
Love from ALL of the Whitaker family....Carol
Special thanks to Leon Cowle.

BILL and RIA said...

Thanks Pa, really "beautiful!" Ma

Tania said...

Wow Dad, a really nice blog post. I am sure all the Cowles can't wait to see the rest! Thanks to Leon and Elizma for all their hard work in getting everything together. You are to me, now and always: Still Beautiful!! Lots of love. Madampie.


Speechless, what wonderful heritage for us to pass on to our grandchildren. Billy you look so much like your grandfather Wilfred

Anonymous said...

OMG!! ...can't be!! OMG.. I think you're my uncle Bill (Carol Whitaker must be my Aunt).. The photos you have are mine. My sister-in-law Robyn Cowle (Alexander's Wife) has been researching the family & put them on I was searching a bit more today & came across your blog. My name is June I'm Wilfred Cowle jnr's youngest daughter. I'd love to connect. We're travelling to Scotland/England next year to track down where we came from and I'd love to chat about it. My email: