Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh What a Night 15/08/2009 - 67 years young


It was not late December '63 but middle August 2009, Oh what a night!. Ria's Birthday and Leon pulls out all the stops to make the evening special and spoils us real proper.

Leon and the Birthday Girl

click here for a peek into the restaurant we went to

No drinking and driving is very much part of the culture here in the UK, so when you go out you either take a taxi, or get someone to take you and pick you up, - this affords you to relax and have a glass or two or even three maybe four. Its all arranged, I am taking Ria out for supper on her birthday to a restaurant recommended by Leon & Elizma. So we powder our noses and paint our faces, put on our best dress and wait for Leon to pick us up and take us to the restaurant.

WOW, 7pm sharp he knocks on the door, dressed in black, white shirt and dickie tie. Our own personal chauffeur. We walk outside and here he opens a door for Ria - its a shiny - pitch black AUDI. Totally in style Ria gets in, then the other door is opened for Billy and off we go. On route the driver says, in a very professional manor and tone of voice. " MAAM/SIR may I make some suggestions for dinner tonight from the menu.......... We listen with intent and surprise of what and how Leon is doing this - Totally amazed...... Firstly for starters, the Warm griddled goats cheese salad (v) Red pepper chutney, apple & chive dressing is amazing and has a very light taste to the palate, and the Sautéed tiger prawns, Garlic & chilli butter come highly recommended. For main course I would strongly recommend the Chateaubriand (serves two) Heart of the fillet roasted, carved at the table, Béarnaise sauce, and for deserts please refer to the menu according to your fancy. For some side dishes, the cauliflower, buttered carrots, saute potatoes and green beans will only compliment your meal.

With this all said and done he drops us off at the restaurant, like special VIP's we get out the car, feeling like a Queen and a King we go in doors. The rest is history. OH WHAT A NIGHT, the recommendations made by the chauffeur were perfect and mouth watering, before we knew it the night was over, the belt around the waste was pushed to it limits and our personal chauffeur arrived to pick us up and take us home -
OH WHAT A NIGHT......... What a lady - what a night

Have a look at the bar (click here), where we had drinks and looked at the menu before we were taken to our table and click here for a look at the formal lounge

The pictures are copyright and taken from the web site of the restuarant, so you can goto to see the complete insight to a beautifull evening.

but sit back and enjoy the short video with me of Ria's 67th birthday

15th August 2009 - plus?
more video to follow tommorow night


BILL and RIA said...

Dankie Pa, lovely sofar! Ma


Wonderful, Wow I agree "What a night" lovely memories Ria.

Tania said...

20,000 photos of Leon, ONE of me..... WHY???? hahaha

Tania said...

PS - lovely video Dad, Happy Birthday Ma