Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Day out to Corfe Castle with Tania & Andy

What a lovely day out, our first visit out to Dorset, Andy and Tania took us on a scenic drive spending the whole day out, pity the weather was a bit offish but still a great day out.

We went down to the beach and gave the dogs a run on the sand. Ria had a dog called Bob and of course there was Murphy, Tania little sausage dog.

Andy gave Murphy a good run for his money in a field behind Corfe Castle.

On a ferry we crossed the sea to an island which took 8 minutes for £3-00 just for the fun of it.

We then drove through a picturesque stone built village.

After a wonderful day out, we went back to Andy's house where Tania had a smashing pork stew and veggies cooking all day in her slow cooker - mmmmmmmm it was delicious. Just what the doctor ordered after a day out in the cold.

Oh,by the way, Yes - Billy was there, only he was on the wrong side of the camera.



The Castle and village were great. Bb you never stop amazing me you give us so much joy.

Tania said...

thanks Dad - it was a nice day!!!