Saturday, January 23, 2010

Murphy meets Roxy - what a match 23/01/2010

This is what you would call " love at first sight".
Andy and Tania have been planning this event for months. They travelled 3 hours down the road from Reading to Andover. Then took the M25 down to Dover to pick up the new addition to the family. Yip Murphy , who has been pretty lonely, has now got an eternal mate, her name is ROXY.

The video, which was taped using the most amazing technology at out disposal. Andy skyped us using his 3rd rate Mac PC. My PC recorded this and enhanced the video content and this is the end result - un edited and recoreded as it happened.
As a passing comment - look and listen - Andy says " HI, to all the Cowles"
He does not know what he is letting himself into!



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BILL and RIA said...

That was greeeeeeeeat! ;-) Thanks for sharing it with us!