Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Birthday message for "MY MADAMPIE"

The day My life changed forever
07-02 -1979
Don't cry my Madampie, don't cry my little Madampie.

Our love will guide you wherever you roam, you won't ever/never be alone.
You don't know how we met, little lady, and I wonder if you really care,
For I am always close by and around you, You are part of this life that we share.
At the time when you were still a baby. You'd wake up every night and you'd cry,
I’d get up just to comfort you, Madampie, and sing you a sweet lullaby.

Don't cry my Madampie, don't cry my little Madampie

You are growing incredibly fast, dear, and one day you'll be larger than life
You will just spread your wings and you'll fly, dear,
And I guess you'll become some mans wife.
While you' re raising your own little baby, you will realise there's no love as strong,
as the love you will sing to your child, dear, it's the same love we sing in our song.

Don't cry my Madampie , don't cry my little Madampie

Now I won't be around for always, but I'll stay for as long as I can,
I am hoping to see you get happy, if it fits into life’s master plan
You know somehow I'll always be with you,
For it's my blood that flows through your veins
and the thoughts that you think might be mine,
and the memory of true love remains.

Don't cry my Madampie , don't cry my little Madampie
It has not and will never change....... it only grows - forever


Carol said...

Don't cry madampie! You didn't tell ME not to cry so I cried...how beautiful are those words!! What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful daughter to Billy and Ria...to me Tania has always been a 'go-getter' she still is. Am I right Tania? I got a beautiful plaster of paris angel from the Stapelberg family for Christmas, it has these words on it 'Live, Love, Life- Tania you do all three of those so you can't go far wrong in life! Go get 'em girl...Carol


Tania Aunty Tessy says Your Dad and Mom are SO PROUD of you and what you have achieved to date and what you can still do.Your pride in them is doubled by their pride in you.Congrats on your birthday and have a great day. Your dads tribute to his Madampie brought out the Kleenex in me.
All my love and respect to you and your Pa 'n Ma
Aunty Tessy and Uncle Mitch

Tania said...

Thanks OuGroote - Love both of you so much, and thank you Aunty Tessy and Aunty CArol for the lovely comments and birthday wishes