Monday, February 08, 2010

Tania - 07-02-2010 Happy Birthday

The Video has been added
The editor just could not resist the temptation and the shortage of time to start this blog input. It is the 7-2-2010 and Tania's 31st - WOW - so here is a taste of the birthday girl and see the video below. She makes us proud is an understatement.
Mr Andy Mitchell is a wonderful asset and adds SO MUCH to that smile of hers.

We all went out for dinner on Saturday night, Ria & I, Leon & Elizma, then the surprise for Tania, Andy brought her a wee bit later and there we were. She was totally surprised and bewildered, but the evening got off to a good start.........
stop panicking, there was a trustworthy baby sitter for LIAM

Sunday 7/2/2010 it was braai time at our place and Rugby on the TV, you guessed it, Scotland against France. Sadly for one - Scotland lost..........

The editor - alias OUGROOTTE is behind the camera - sorry

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Tania said...

Thanks for my LOVELY birthday everyone, How blessed am I to share it with the people I love!!!!! Can't wait to see the video!