Monday, December 27, 2010

Its 2010 Christmas with Liam - Oh what a night - Oh what a pleasure

Yes 2years 6months old and we are into our 2nd Christmas - Wow, This year he was a bit bigger and understood a wee bit as to what father Christmas is all about, Mom and Dad did a good job of the build up over the last week or so and the creche where he goes also played a big part as well when you listen to his redemption of FATHER CHRISTMAS GOT STUCK - pop over to if you have not seen it yet - just AWESOME.

Well the big night came and we were all at Leon & Elizma's House - that's OuBill-OumaRia-Tania-Andy for the big moment that father Christmas arrives, not to talk about the supper that was waiting after opening the presents.

Well I put together a video of some, and please note some of the hi-lites of Liam, for those that want to see the un-edited version you are more than welcome to pop over anytime to watch it or order a DVD by post.

Edited down to the last cut, no spot lights - 18minutes of pure happiness - sit back and enjoy it with us. had to start it of with a bit of fun and mocking of OUBILL - but it  is my I-MOVIE, so here goes - the best 16 minute movie you have seen.......................... it Christmas with LIAM

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Christmas is for children and Liam has just proved that there are many more fun and exciting christmas to come