Saturday, December 11, 2010


It all started long long ago, picture this - 1942, one cold winters night, there was a competition as to who had the biggest BACKSIDE, well in the end it was no question.

Leon & Elizma decide that its time to re-decorate the fire place and have it done before Christmas, so Leon and I climb in, head first - hence the backside view. We chop up the existing tiles ( which were cracked anyway), clear the rubbish and proceed to prepare and lay the new SLATE HEARTH. 
L & E had carefully measured, pr-ordered and took delivery of the new slate fire place - lets hope it fits.

Well here are some photo's of the project - right through to completion
needless to say BUT, they used a computer techie's tape measure to order the slate to size, they should have used a electrician's tape measure,
I had to chop a massive 1mm from the plaster to get it to fit in the fire place hole.

The tiles have been chopped out, carpet was masked off to protect against the mess and future cement stains

Then came the front piece, leveling and get it into the right position, excuse the BUTT's

Hey its in and it fits perfect - blood-sweat and no tears

and - YIP its level - at last
The finished product - finally - JOB DONE AND DUSTED

 Now next week end, when the cement is all dry and set - we can put the fire place unit back in place and have a nice warm Christmas Eve family night


Franky has a good saying - " TEAM WORK MAKE THE DREAMS WORK"

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It looks like that fire needs to be lit long before Christmas Eve, no ifs ands or BUTTS about it
Job well done Bb and Leon