Monday, March 03, 2008

Mothers Day in the UK

Mothers day, or should we say Ouma and Mother to be DAY, but I think it is more appropriate to say FAMILY DAY and a good reason to celebrate this was Mothers day, What a fantastic day it was, Ria as the centre of attraction, with her whole family around her just made the day. It was enhanced with the special effort made by Tania, she organised the whole thing at her Hotel- CROWN PLAZA, READING. Food was delicious. Leon and Elizma tried to trick Mom, and did not go the normal way we travel to Tania's house ( not far from the hotel) but go a small detour, normal takes 40minutes but instead their plan back-fired and it took just over an Hour & a half, with a traffic jam,,,,, never mind the day was a massive success.

The "organiser"


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