Thursday, March 13, 2008

Billy at work - into 2010 with ENEL

ENEL, the Italian Energy company had a EU Conference in the building where I work. This is how they decorated the conference room.
They brought in an over-night crew and built new soft walls right around inside the existing conference room, put in a massive Video screen and installed lights and effects that left your mouth gaping open in AWE.

What an experience. The seating as you can see was awesome, the atmosphere that was created was something out of this world, when I walked in this morning. WOW, I thought -"wrong building"

Just another day, Well, we had to keep the place cool, which was a battle, as the heat-build-up was way past the capacity of the air-con system. But yes OBJECTIVE ACHIEVED..
And who said a Maintenance Electricians life is boring ?????????????????????????????

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