Monday, March 03, 2008

Me Again 3/3/2008.

Hey - its me again, yip had another photo-shoot today, got real close upto the camera, and put my nose against the lens. Not long to go now and then its PARTY time, round-about the 26th May.
My Mommy is suffering so I will stop putting things on the menu that makes her crave, she is clever otherwise she would have been a Daddy, her craving for Champagne is not good for me, but she knows this. Dad, Oupa & Ouma can have some when I am born and if Mom feels like it she can join them. But I watching you lot............
PS..... Don't tell Mom, but just when she sits down or goes for a lie-down, I do my daily exercises and get some "kicks" out of life in my cosy little house, I just have a good laugh when she tells Dad-- then I do it again, just for him. Ok, all of you out there in that big crazy world, see you all soon............. ME

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Carol Whitaker said...

Hey, Baby Cowle, we are keeping an eye on you's a two way street. Your cousin, Kaitlyne Whitaker got her first tooth this week. Carol spent Easter Sunday with your cousins Catherine and Nicholas looking for Easter eggs the Easter Bunny had left. Looking forward to your live experience on the Blog.