Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another day in the life of Billy at work

Once again I just want to share some interesting items of ............ The day in the life of ................

Turn the dial and the fan runs faster - if it works -that is

We have some 1958 variable speed starters/controllers for the air extract fans of our building and they work just like a food mixer or drilling machine - controlling the speed of the motor. Well one of them packed up, no drawings available and the tendency is to scrap this old age technology and replace it with some nice new plastic expensive rubbish. These old 1958 models are built solid with cast iron boxes and are as heavy as hell. Me and myself strip it down-out with the old multi-meter and test, draw a diagram and sort the problem out.

now- do some fault finding and head scratching - mmmm, what was I taught in 1966

Done and dusted and repaired for about £ 15-00, this comes from my very young days as a appy, having served my time and a journeyman/artisan who taught me the finer things of the job. it is just like the top of an old ladies kitchen cupboard - full homemade canned fruit and jam in glass twist top bottles - a sadly dying trade. In my line of business fixing is also on its way out - condemn and replace is the order of the day, today.

The skills have gone and so have the teachers.
never mind it is up and running again - for the next fifty years
then its someone else's problem

and some pics of some of the modern plant and machines / boilers

OK that's me - now back to work...................................


BILL and RIA said...

My clever hubby, from a very proud wife!!

Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

And this was the boykie that destroyed his school books !! but once given the chance he flew to the top, Billy you always loved what you chose to do.
Yes Ria you have every right to be proud of Billy. I know I am.