Friday, November 28, 2008

My first Email with Liam

Allow me to put this on record...... LIAM'S FIRST EMAIL, via his moms email address because he does not qualify yet, for his own personal email address, but, be sure it's comming soon.

The two emails went as follows - a direct copy from in-box and out-box

Friday 28th November 2008 ( 3 days before his 6month-old birthday)

To Liam (VIA-
Hello big fella, Last night when I got home, well actually when Ouma picked me up at the station, she was overjoyed and couldn't wait to tell me about her day out with you and your mom. She didn't know where to begin or in what order to talk, she was so excited. So I heard a very long and detailed story of the outing to Long Acres. This is just to say thanks for the invitation and taking Ouma along, she really enjoyed that. Now, I have got some catching up to do, and just to let you know, I am on leave Monday and Tuesday and then the whole of the next week 8 - 12 Dec, and also the week 22-26 Dec, so we can spend time together, Ouma did mention that Mom said, subject to the weather we all might go out on a little trip to Weasley gardens or something like that, so great you had better make sure we have some good weather, then the outing is on, Ok then, I don't think I am working this week end, maybe we could squeeze in something over the week-end as well.
Oupa Billy.
ps, when do you get you own email address

Then, his reply a few hours later went like this.............................
Hallo Oupa!

Ja, dit was lekker om Ouma saam met ons te he. Dit was vreeslik lekker om met haar in die coffee shop te speel en sy het my al die liggies gewys. Sjoe! So baie liggies!

In elk geval, Mamma het voorgestel dat ons 4 Wisley Gardens toe gaan so kom ons hou duimvas vir die weer. Anders doen ons net iets anders! Sal 'n bietjie moet dink, maar ek is seker ons sal met iets opkom.

Ek het more-oggend weer 'n swemles en dan gaan ons Reading toe om vir my doeke by Costco te koop en ook saam met Tannas te gaan middagete eet. So dalk maak ons Sondag 'n plan? Anders is daar darem nog Maandag en Dinsdag ook ;-)

Hoop Oupa voel nie te sleg nie en dat Oupa 'n lekker Vrydag het.



So now that this has been recorded and made public, who can beat that one with one of your grand or should may I say GRAND KID, isn't he just great, a typical and proud bearer of the "Cowle" name, into the future generations.

"THANKS MOM" - Elizma, for helping him with the typing - Oupa Billy-Peanut

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Elizma said...

He typed it himself! He's the cleverest kid in the WOOOOOORRRLLLDDD! ;-)