Sunday, November 23, 2008



The 3Cowle's came to visit Ouma & Oupa today and Liam was up to all kinds of tricks so out popped the video camera for you all to share in our very blessed grandson and need I mention the proud Mom & Dad.
If anybody reading this blog could please send out invitations to Leon and Elizma to come across to your place for Supper or Sunday Afternoon tea, We will gladly baby-sit,
SO get those invitations out fast and furious..........................

3 cooked meals a day, plenty of rest, sleeps through the night since birth and in a weeks time he will be 6months old - something to celebrate I would say. So Leon and Elizma can go out and have the celebration, we will painfully sit back, babysit and miss out on all the fun - ANYTIME

Any day now he will be running down the road to visit all on his own.


Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

A secret from us to you, on arrival at your place for the painful time of babysitting, dont tempt Liam with an empty can of coke but give him a coupla swigs of coke and you will be assured of a very lively visit, or a bottle of red cordial.

BILL and RIA said...

Dear Liam,
You are invited for a sleepover at Ouma and Oupas place while Mom and Dad
pop over for a quiet evening and an Aussie BBQ at your Great Aunty Tessys
place. down under. Just let us know which night you will be wide awake.

BILL and RIA said...

Thanks Mitch and Tessy!

Hopefully one day ;-)

Leon & Elizma