Thursday, December 04, 2008

1983 and it was Xmas with Ria's Mom and Dad

Yip, just as it is on the 8cowles blog, that Christmas of 1983 was the first time I used a video camera, a hired one. I filmed both our parents that Xmas and we can not say how treasured that special video tape on betamax is. Now transfered onto digital format on DVD and here on both blogs to share with you all.

My Mom and Ria's Dad both passed away during 1984 and this was an event captured on tape that could never be repeated.

Dedicated to both our parents, especially with Christmas coming up and when all the family gets together.

We will be making some time this winter to huddle up in front of the TV and watch some
video tapes.
with Leon 10 and Tania 4 years old

Ria and Billy were...... lets just say "YOUNGER"

For the movie of My Mom ( the only time I caught her on tape) just "CLICK HERE" to jump over to the 8COWLES BLOG

As time allows, I will be adding numerous video clips of the our family with the Jonkers, Pretorius and our two kids Leon and Tania, growing up - and of course Ria and I.
Any movies of the 8cowles and their respective families will be on the 8cowles blog

So, just sit back and enjoy
with us

plus any present day adventures we have

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Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

Liam your Oupa is leaving you such great memories from the past to be enjoyed in the future. Ria you must have used up a fair amount of kleenex watching those tapes. Tears of joy watching happy days.