Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas Eve at Leon & Elizma's with us, Tania & Willie and LIAM, started of on a nice crisp and cold night with a glass of muscadel. Then the excitement of Liam opening his presents on his first , then we opened ours and ended the night with a smashing Cheese and wine with snacks and a white chocolate mousse pudding made by Tania - mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Christmas day was lunch at our house. Everybody chipped in with the preparations. Elizma made a succulent roast leg of lamb and roast potatoes, Tania the Hors d'ouvres, Ria the rice/veggies/yorkshire puddings and Willie made the sago/tapiaco pudding. Billy poured the wine and Leon ate the food. What a lovely and memorable day it was. Christmas in the UK is just like the movies. Freezing cold with scarfs and overcoats being the order of the day with family get-togethers.

The food had a strong "RETIEF" flavour, the veggies and roast patatoes from Elizma's mom and the sago pudding from Willie's mom. Cheers to them.

Then on Saturday night Tania, Ria & Billy got on a train, then the London tube and went to Shepperd's Bush - The Westfield Centre for a site-seeing trip and a bite to eat, lovely and cold but very enjoyable. The lights and the lighting effects are outstanding, well worth a visit if you are in the area.



Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

I'm not so sure about the ice cold weather for siteseeing BUT the bite to eat sure looks great.

Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

Liam your Mommys table looks lovely. You of course take 1st prize for being so cute. It is so wonderful to see the Cowles - Billy & Ria (Oupa & Ouma) Leon & Elizma (Mom & Dad) Tania (Aunty) Willie (friend of Tania) and most important YOU - LIAM COWLE (Grandson - son - nephew).
2008 has blessed you all with wonderful memories.

Tania said...

It was good fun! I am glad you don't tell the whole family that you almost got arrested inside Westfiled for video recording...... No pain no gain, hey?