Friday, December 12, 2008

UP - UP and away, what goes up must come down

One Saturday morning, the 17th June 1995,

Leon came home for the week-end from varsity, he was abnormally home before 7am, he normally slept till 11am but was home already. He said he wanted to take us out for the day, that's why he is early. Well, into the car and off we go, 1hour later we arrive at Wonderboom Airport, Leon says- for something to eat and drink. Then he comes out with it. We are here to see him parachuting, he has completed the training course, done 3 jumps already and today he is jumping for the first time on his own, the previous jumps were assisted rip chord jumps. Wow we were totally flabbergasted and speechless, anyway, we are here now lets see what happens.


With all his adrenalin activities which include - this sky diving, riding the rapids of the Zambesi River at the Victoria Falls, deep sea diving with the sharks of the Natal coast, chasing girls, studying hard, and mowing the lawn, Sky diving is the only one I caught on video.

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BILL and RIA said...

Weer lekker vir jou gelag Ponks. Never mind Pa, the "studying hard" you never would have captured on film. I wonder why??????? MM