Sunday, June 28, 2009

What not to do on a Sunday Night at 10pm

Leon and Elizma are building an extension on at the back of their house - an enlarged dinning room/TV room and a much bigger kitchen. Leon sends me this skype message on Sunday night.

Three stories up is the Main bedroom and a 2 seater sofa can not fit through the staircase corners 3 floors up. The new extension roof is going to be installed Monday morning.

here is the skype message and after that the photo's

COOL You there?
[21:25:19] Skype Leon and Elizma: Still awake?
[21:25:35] Skype Leon and Elizma: Can I come fetch the rope that I asked about to lift the sofa into the loft.
[21:27:19] Oupa Bill and Ouma Ria: yip if you want to, but I think I must bring some more from work tomorrow night
[21:28:49] Skype Leon and Elizma: I need to lift it NOW as the roof is going on tomorrow!
[21:29:24] Oupa Bill and Ouma Ria: you will never do it on your own
[21:29:32] Skype Leon and Elizma: I've got a strong woman! :D
[21:29:48] Oupa Bill and Ouma Ria: not enough, I will come help
[21:30:02] Skype Leon and Elizma: (Dis EK wat heeltemal vergeet het, Elizma het my 100000 keer herinner!)
[21:30:19] Oupa Bill and Ouma Ria: ok let me convince mom
[21:30:31] Skype Leon and Elizma: I wasn't ASKING for help, really!!!!!!!
[21:30:42] Skype Leon and Elizma: (I mean I wasn't hinting for you to volunteer!!)
[21:31:20] Skype Leon and Elizma: (Please tell Mommy this too!!!)
[21:31:22] Oupa Bill and Ouma Ria: I am on my way with the rope see you in 5 minutes

it is now 22h00 Sunday evening, thank goodness it is still just light enough - sun is finally setting.
almost ready to hoist it up

lets just make sure that this extension ( thats the rope) is tight. Ask an electrician to bring rope and he brings an extension lead - what else !

lets get this sofa up there NOW
Elizma - you take the pictures while we pull it up

this is going to be fun
well it is almost up - 3 floors up and on the balcony

Pull the bloddy thing leon, its getting heavy - and its in the bedroom

Job Done and dusted - GOOD NIGHT

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Elizma said...

Only with a son like Leon, hey? ;-)

To be fair, he only forgot it had to go up before today. If I hadn't remembered - AGAIN!